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The latest addition to our collection of courses. This sport is a combination of windfoiling, kitefoiling and surfing. The Foil Wing is taking foiling in a new direction where the only boundaries are your own imagination. Jump on one of our wingfoil sets and be amazed by the freedom and the surf feeling in flatwater or in the waves. For the ones with experience in any type of foil sport this variation will not be too hard to learn.
It’s the perfect way to learn how to use the wind easily and safely. Indeed catch the two handles on the central strut and you will have the power to move forward. Let go of everything and you will stop instantly.

Wing Foil Lesson


Please note: Timings for these lessons vary each day to coincide with the tide.

Bookings close 3 days prior to date.  For last minute availability please call 01206 381859
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While foil boarding takes quite a bit of getting used to, even for experienced surfers, wing surfing isn’t extraordinarily difficult. Because it’s handheld, an experienced surfer can learn to wing surf using whatever board or boards they’re already proficient with.


The sport is so new everybody calls it in a different way. What is common to everybody that practices it is the happy face. We love it. People get really hooked to the sensation of being on a board while you hold the wing that powers you in your hands.
The truth is that it is a very convenient sport because you can practice with lower winds than wind surfing. You don´t need all amount of the equipment to carry. It´s also easier to take in and out of the water. Goes fast, you can surf, you can jump, do manoeuvres, tacks, it goes upwind really well. We are finding lots of windsurfers adding it to their quiver to enjoy lighter days.
Also, lots of kite surfers are trying it for those offshore day, or to get more freedom to start doing downwinders.
It is not a substitute but rather a really fun complement to enjoy the sea under more situations and conditions.


The best way to learn how to wing foil is to do it in 2 phases.
– Learning how to WING:
Includes the introduction to equipment and conditions, how to use the wing in land, and how to use it in the water to be able to sail around powered by it.
– Learning how to foil:
Includes the introduction to hydrofoil equipment, how to ride on a hydrofoil, and then how to ride the wing with the hydrofoil, do the water starts, manoeuvres on the foil.

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